Code Doesn't Have to be Cryptic

A simple tool that converts complex and intricate code into easily understandable summaries and explanations!


A Natural Language Toolkit for Everyone

Stop wasting time trying to decipher someone else's code or spend hours learning new coding langauges just to read code!


Get super short and precise summary regrading the code with the option to understand the code line-by-line


Summaries and notes come with links to explanation regarding coding syntax, libraries, and more.

Code Conversion

The powerful DeCode engine can also convert code from one language to another by understanding the context and syntax.


Automatically make messy and spaghetti code into clean and commented code while saving time and insanity.


The Process

Parse Trees

We must take the code as input and convert the code into parse trees, where the relationships of each of the functions and other elements of code are represented.

RNN Model

The RNN model would be trained on identifying the purpose of the code by analysing the parse trees, libraries used, etc.

NLP Model

The output from the RNN model can be fed into a transformer language model, like BERT or GPT-2, which would allow us to skip the tedious training process for the second network.

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  • High quality code explanations
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  • Code convertor
  • Auto-code detection
  • Auto-commenting extension

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